Monday, May 23, 2011

Last Pre-(Rhea's)Wedding Post.

My schedule has been going exactly as planned. Busy. I've been so busy lately, to the point of forgetfulness. I wish I were joking. (:

I'm going to be honest and tell you I probably won't post again until June. But I wanted to give you another quick pre-Rhea's wedding update.

I finished painting the shelves I'd been working on and love them. I caught them the next morning with the sun shining in through the guest room window and it seriously looked like the sunshine was coming out from the cabinet. Great.


This next one I'm SO ecstatic about. I painted, in the entry way by our front door, our very own CHALK BOARD WALL! I've seriously been looking forward to this so much. You can make your own or buy your own chalk board paint, I'm not really sure on the price difference. I had bought chalk board paint in December, I used it on a picture frame as part of Erik's Christmas gift before I knew how to make it or I probably would have gone that route. Either way. I had left overs and made good use of them here.

SO EXCITED. (: You paint two coats (or more as needed) then you have to impatiently wait for THREE whole days before you can use your chalk board. When your three days are up you have to condition the wall by coloring the whole thing with the side of a piece of chalk, erase it all and then you're ready to play!

This morning I woke up to this note from Erik. Seriously made my whole day. I love our chalk board wall. (: Later this evening I started putting up our June calander.

Last week Tuesday I ordered blinds and curtains for our living room from Target and Urban Outfitters. This afternoon while I was at work (today I was the high school Spanish teacher) I got a text from my dad letting me know a Target package game for me, so I couldn't wait to get home and put up our blinds! Fortunately Erik got off work the same time as I did today (which as you know doesn't ever happen) and we put up all of the blinds together, and got along the whole time! Ha. That's new! (: Either way. Take a peak. I can't wait for our curtains to show up!

This past weekend my mom's sister Dirinda and her husband Don (my aunt an uncle) came to town for opening weekend of paddle fishing season. We have family come every year, this year only the two of them could make. Growing up here paddle fishing is an exciting thing every year and it's just a normal part of life, once you grow up you realize no one from any where else has any idea what paddle fishing is. Ha. So if you're reading this and clue less. The fish Erik is proudly holding below is a paddle fish (they have the big paddle nose). A large paddle fish is between 90 and 120 pounds. Erik's fish was around 50. So his this year was small. Yes, the fish Erik is holding is small for a paddle fish. The big difference between paddle fishing and fishing is you do not bate paddle fish, you snag them. So no worms. And your hook isn't like a normal hook, instead of the one prong a normal hook has the paddle fishing hook has three. You cast, reel in, pull back, reel in, pull back, reel in pull back and repeat. Until you snag a fish and then you struggle with pulling in a fish that is atleast half your size if not close to the same size you are. Ha. Please come join us next year! (:

This weekend we also had Rhea's Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party. Both were successful. We seriously had the best time! It was so much fun to get in the much needed girl time. And get to relax instead of stress wedding prep.

I'd get more to you, but it is now bed time in this home. Rhea's wedding is this Saturday. SO much to get done this week. I'll post more after. Promise.


Ooooh. Quick P.S. Our friend Fiona is coming to stay with us for the wedding. We're so excited to have her here, and so excited to have our first guest! Yayy.

Friday, May 13, 2011



I've been missing you. Idk if you've had these issues but blogger hasn't been working for a couple days. Read only mode is lame. Bleh. But we're back in action.

We've been working on cleaning up our place. (: More photos soon.

My new big news........

Last night I got a letter in the mail with my brand spanking new MT cosmetology license. Yup. That's right. I PASSED. I passed my boards exam and now I'm in. As of now I've passed and completed everything that I know I need to. First my ND cosmetology exams. My national massage exam. And now my MT cosmetology exam. (: I was so amped to recieve the skinny little envelope (in this case the fat envelope means you failed and they're letting you know what you've done wrong), I prayed so much over these results and I'm so thankful.

The next couple weeks are busy, busy for this girl. Maybe if I post my to do's up here for you I'll be able to keep my thoughts straight.

Next week is my last week at an English Touch.
Next weekend is Rhea's bridal shower and bachlorette party. (Saturday)
Sunday is Sidney High School's graduation.
I need to get those gifts in order.
The following week is the last week of school.
     I'm subbing two days.
     I have to meet w/ my xc teams and pass out their summer schedules.
Friday is rehersal.
Saturday WEDDING.
Then Tuesday I start at daycare!

SO much. Ahh. Please hold me together? Ha.

I love you all.
Sweet dreams.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Young House Love.

Do any of you read the Young House Love blog? If you don't, start right meow. Seriously. This blog could be nicknamed Love Love Love. It's amazing. Either way. They inspire me. I feel like Erik and I are playing Young Love House today. (Yes, I meant for it to say Young Love House instead of Young House Love.)

I have a few more photos for you after today's progress. It still looks like a mass disaster. But. We prayed for rain the last two days and it's seriously been monsooning. We asked for this. To those of you that are suffering because of the weather, our sincere appologies. Erik ended up getting off work early yesterday because of the weather so the guys from his crew came and helped move furniture. They rock, right? (: Today they couldn't go out at all because it stormed all night. P.S. We slept terrible. First night in a new house. Bleh. But mud = no work for my man today. We took complete advantage of that.

Before my other photos I want to throw in a quick Mother's Day recap BECAUSE. My mom's Mother's Day request was to not have to cook. So Erik and I did all of it that day and I would just like to share the stunning photo of the Asparagas/Ham Keis we made for breakfast.

Then, I did hair cuts for Erik and my mom. Photo below. I wish it were a better picture of Erik's new fohawk because it seriously looks great and I straightened my moms hair during the cut. The first time she's ever, ever, ever had her hair straightened. We were doing it in the kitchen (where I do all of my at home hair, ha) so when she went into the bathroom and saw it for the first time she literally screamed. Bahaha.

Heads up! For those of you that don't clean the rod in your closets (like me!) maybe you should! Sick! Ha.

My first project of the day. I'm turning this corner into a toy area. (: For all of our friendlies who have kiddies, we're seriously going to be prepared. I decided to paint the top and insides orange.

I was really excited because I had orange from our last bedroom. Well. When I used in here, probably the lighting, it looked more orange than brown. Sad face.

So. I had to go buy new paint. Better, yes?

Not completely finished yet, but I'll get you photos when I am. Erik was a stud today. The kitchen is his. He kept asking, Katie where should I put this? Katie where should I put that? And smiled so big when I told him everything in the kitchen was up to him. I am not the cook. (: Either way. He washed alllllll of those dishes today. Aand that pot on the stove. Chilli. (: Rock star. I love him.

Here's our living room con furinture! (: Disaster still yes, but it's getting there. P.S. The strange round thing is our Love Sack. I was skeptical at first too. It really rocks. SO comfy! My best friend Rhea brought me a house warming gift! (: The flowers on the table. I thought they were just flowers in a vase, until she said "I hope you have better luck keeping it alive than I would." Yes! It's a plant! In a pot! Ahhhh!! I'm SO excited! Love it. Love her.

I started putting pictures up in the living room. I'm very into the collage style but Erik thinks it looks crowded. So I'll have to find something in the middle for us. Either way, there would have been one more photo on the top of the right side but in the middle of my hanging them up I decided it was all higher than I wanted so I quit. Ha.

Today! Our bed came! (: Brand new king sized! Ahh. We're so excited. Hopefully we sleep so well tonight!

And I snagged this cute frame and the thrift store for $2.50!

Either way. I can't concentrate any more. My mommy and daddy are here for Chilli and Biggest Loser. I think when I'm doing something else they ask me 8 million questions on purpose to distract me. Know what I mean?

More soon.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sneak Peek.

Two car loads and five pickup loads after 6 am, I'm taking a break to give you a preview of our new place! I have so much to fill you in on, but all I have time for now is a few pictures.

First floor:

Walking in the back door is a (SO AWESOME FOR US) mud room. Yes, I own that washer and that dryer! (: Whoop.

 Then you walk into the kitchen.

Through the kitchen is the living room.

And off the living room is the first bed room.

A quick view of the front door, also off the living room.

Turning around from the front door, to the right is a bath room and then the stairs.

Second floor:
At the top of the stairs, storage!

Second bedroom.

Third bedroom.

And the second bath room.

Best part! The view out our front window and the view from our back porch, fields! Yes. That's where we live. In the middle of awesome. (: (Amen, Adam Bayne?)

This is what our living room looked like after I dropped off one pickup load and one car load. We are going to have fun going through everything tonight! Baha.

And a quick shout out to my man. Thank you Erik for buying the laundry detergent I love, even though you despise the fact that it's unscented. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate that. (:

Last photo. I had to throw this in there. After seeing this in the driveway I knew for sure it was time to quit packing and start fishing! (: Buuut. I stayed focussed.

Okay. Time to peace out. We have SO much to do. More soon. COMEVISIT. (:
Love you!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Drum Roll Please.

We're moving on Monday! Details and photos then! (:
Happy Mommy's Day tomorrow!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bloom where you are planted.

When I went to Billings for my test I stayed in a small town about 20 miles away called Ballentine, with one of my best friends Amanda and her boyfriend Trevor's family. I seriously love Trevor and getting to know his family was so much fun. My test was on Sunday, it was so relieving to get it over with! Sunday night Amanda and I had dinner with our friend Shevon. She made us spaghetti, my favorite! After eating dinner we went back to Ballentine, I washed my face, took out my contacts, changed into my pj's and I was seriously SO content. Being full, comfy and relieved. It was such a great feeling to not have to stress about my test anymore. Hopefully I'll feel the same way when I get my results. ;)

So Monday morning I got up in no rush to get home. Amanda had to go to work at 2 that afternoon so my plans were to leave sometime before then (especially because my driving time would be cut in half from my trip there!). That morning we were watching HGTV. I don't remember the name of the show but basically it was about this counselor/home designer/problem solver/marriage saver. She would come in and say this is what's wrong w/ how you're living, this is how it's effecting your marriage. Watching this show a lightbulb came on for this post.

I don't think we realize how much how/where we live effects us. Where we live is a lot of who we are. Example. When I went to college in Fargo, I seriously hated my life. For so many reasons we won't go into now but I was very unhappy there. My sister and I had a joke about calling my apartment Your Home (Your Home as in my home) but spelt Year Home. As in, it was my home but I only had to be there for a year. I didn't love being there and because of that I made it a point not to make my apartment homey. I didn't hang pictures. I didn't personalize. I didn't do those things because I was only going to live there for a year and I didn't want to get comfortable just to have to take it all apart when I left. I think that was the worst, worst, worst idea. No wonder I never felt comfortable or at home there. Hello!

Either way. If you're home isn't a complete reflection of you. Or you aren't head over heals in love w/ it. Do yourself a favor and change that! Maybe it's effecting your mood or your relationships and you haven't even realized it. In this life we're going to find ourselves in places that aren't ideal to us. I think that's when we need to step up and make the changes that will make our situation as ideal as possible. It's kind of like loving people that love you, not impressive. It's shows character if you can love those who don't love you back, if you can find happiness or make your own happiness where you're with out.

"Sometimes we may find ourselves providentially planted where we would rather not be. A true test of character is whether we wilt or bloom in these places." --Stephen & Brooksyne Weber

Have the best..omgosh, IT'S THURSDAY. (:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Saturday from H-e-well, you know.

Good Morning.
It is Tuesdayish and I'm back as promised. (: Okay, it's Wednesday. The best news first, we're moving in (ready, ready? Count them..) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 days! Counting today and next Monday when we move, meaning there are only FOUR days between now and then! Who's amped? This girl! This boy! Ahh. So exciting. I hope you're all prepping to come visit, because you're invited. Duh. ;)

The not so fab news. For those of you who haven't heard we had a m-o-n-sterous winter storm this weekend. Yes, that's right, on the last day of April. Really. So bad. We lost power at about 3 am on Saturday which was back on before we were up the next morning, it flickered a little through out the day. Our neighboring town Williston lost power the same time Saturday morning and didn't regain power until late Monday evening. Can you imagine? Winter weather and no electricity for three days and two nights. Insane. Needless to say, Saturday as you know I was on my way to Billings for my exam. Oh the joys of driving through snow. I seriously have never, ever, ever, ever driven in weather so bad. I didn't have a choice, my test was on Sunday! So I left my house around 10 am on Saturday morning and 5 hours later I was fifty miles from home. Of course I have a story for you. Are you ready?

I first left in the car, pulled out onto the highway, drove, mm, a half a mile? Then realized the snow on the highway was deeper than my car, there was no way I could drive. So I attemped to turn around which was quite possibly the scariest thing (okay, not that scary) of my life because I was trying to turn around and my car kept getting stuck in the middle of the high way because of how deep the snow was and I couldn't see anything in either direction. Awesome. I make it back home with the car in one piece. Erik scraped the snow off the pickup, seriously a challenge. It's snowing and blowing so much the first time I left I had to use my ice scraper to break the snow off to get into the trunk. So bad. Aand just days before we were wearing shorts and t's! Okay. We move all of my things from the car to the pick up. All of my testing supplies. My overnight bag. My purse. I have everything I need and I'm back on the road. Now feel special, because I took video/pictures to share w/ you, but as I type they're in the car so yes, I'm going to get out of bed and go outside for you. Brb. Bleh. ;)

I know, I know. I was a big idiot for driving. An even bigger idiot for taking pictures while driving in this. Seriously, if I didn't have to drive to Billings it would have the the perfect day to drive around and just take pictures of all the wild things I spotted.

This was my view driving down the highway.

One of the many trees blown over, most of them were torn out of the ground roots and all (in Williston tearing up yards and landing on houses and vehicles). This storm also broke telephone poles, power line and light post in half.

I spotted this camper in the ditch, with two cars right behind it.

Right after the camper and cars this semi was in the ditch on the other side of the road.

I zoomed in and took a close up of what the high way looked like. This is what I was driving on! Stupid. Ha.

This semi was in the ditch, facing me, on my side of the road! And you can see visibility was swell. (:

This is what the roads looked like once I got to my part of the trip under road construction.

I wish I had pictures of the mailboxes, they were all blown up and packed completely full of snow. At one point there were a few hay bails on the west side of the road. The wind/snow was blowing from west to east so on the east side of the bails was a big patch of untouched green grass in the midst of all of this blizzard. It was really neat to see. I truly wanted to pull over and get a good picture of it, but I didn't figure pulling over to get out and snap a picture would have been the safest thing. Ha.

I also took a video to share, but right now it's not loading correctly.

Either way. Driving the 50 miles through this, from Sidney to Glendive literally took me THREE HOURS. 50 miles. Bleh. But as soon as I make it to Glendive this is what I see..

Real life! Isn't that insane. Everyone kept saying as soon as I made it to Glendive it wasn't snowing and I seriously could not believe them until I made it there. So the weather was great the rest of my trip. I'm planning to stop in Miles City and get gas, as I'm plotting it out I realize..ohh man..I grabbed my purse and I LEFT MY WALLET IN THE CENTER COUNSIL OF THE CAR! Yes. I am the biggest idiot in the world. So not only do I not have any money at all, zero dollars! I don't have my drivers license which I absolutely need to get into my test. I call Erik and with a few not so pretty words explain to him what I've just realized. So I turn around and he takes off in the car and meets me back in Glendive. I load all my things back into the car, careful not to forget anything this time. Bleh. Aand FIVE hours from my starting point I'm ready to leave Glendive for the second time. So my trip from Sidney to Billings that should have taken 4 hours took 8. 8 joyous hours. Ohh so much fun! Bleh. Ha. It was seriously the worst.

What is it they say about April going out like a Lion?
BUT. On my way home on Monday I was talking to a friend and she was telling me that another friend of hers was complaining about her day until she shared my Saturday story with her. My friend's friend said "Wow, that really brings out the silver lining on my day." Kind of one of those don't complain there are always people less fortunate than you things. But seriously it made my day to hear that my misfortune helped her to feel better about her day. Ha. (:

That's all I have for this morning. I need to get up. Unpack my bag from this weekend, get some things together for moving, get ready and be to work by 9:30.

More soon.

Oooh! Since I didn't post yesterday a belated Happy 2nd Anniversary to Josh and Amber!!!!!!!!! (: