Monday, August 22, 2011

our CRAZY life

we clearly suck at writing blogs. ha. katie doesn't know that i'm doing this, so maybe a comment or two will push her to blog a little more and keep you all (all 6 of our follower) in tune with our lives and what we have going on.

love you all, and i hope you are all doing great.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This one's for the lovers...


E_cept the computer that I'm on doesn't have the letter that needs to go right here:


(: Get it?
So good morning from Te_as! (:

Ha. Two of my best friends (that are twin sisters) from high school, Theresa and Christine, live here and one of them, Christine, is graduating from the University of North Te_as on Saturday with degrees in Criminal Justice and Sociology. Since I haven't been to visit them since they moved here I was so e_cited to get to come spend the week with them. Erik and I each had prior arrangements for last weekend with each of our families, so he is with his family in Durango, CO and will fly into Dallas on Wednesday. (: I can't wait for him to be here.

I don't have time to share much more about us right now. I did want to let you know, last night I got to go see The Band Perry, for freeeee! (: I have a friend from when I was in school in Fargo that lives here as well. I was so e_cited to get to spend some time with her while down here and she heard yesterday on the radio there was a free concert in Dallas if we went online to sign up for tickets. Of couse, we did! I got to go with Megan, Theresa and Theresa's friend Emily who just flew in yesterday to spend the rest of the week with us! (: The Band Perry was seriously so amazing. I've always loved their music and their morals, but seeing them in concert was seriously so amazing. They sound better live! There are so many bands/artists you can't say that about, but they were AMAZING! I wanted to share a song I heard for the first time last night.

"This one's for the lovers." --Kimberly Perry