Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Chris†mas.


Right this second I am watching Despicable Me w/ my daddy and sister. I very much recommend this movie to you. Yes, you! I love it. It's the next Meet the Robinsons. If you haven't seen that either, watch it as well. Great!

I would also like to recommend to you an article from yesterdays homepage. It chats a little bit about being more focused, which I think I could use two spoonfuls of.

Either way. I know I've been a stranger lately. I've been trying to avoid my facebook/blogger a bit because truly, and ironically enough, I notice they leave me feeling unfocused. I wanted to drop in before the new year and leave you with my new years resolutions.

Learn sign language.
Read the bible.
Get a job.
Volunteer (more).
Find a:
Spend more time w/ my dog.
Take less credit/make more annoynomous acts.
Say less, do more.

There's my list. Most of which are self explanitory. Some I would like to explain. Ha. Firstly. Get a job. Yes, I do work. But right now I'm subbing at the schools here, which really would be great if I had a real desire for it. I don't. When I say I would like to find a life, that's where I'm summing up all of my be healthier, work out more, gain weight, get better at birthdays/holidays (not only remembering them, but being creative w/ them), facebook less goals. I always love the good feeling of getting the credit for doing something good/right. My take less credit/make more annoynomous acts is for exactly that. I would like to do great and be great, but I know when I'm doing great or being great it isn't of me, it's of God. I don't need to have credit for my good acts to be good, amen? And my say less, do more which is self explanitory but that is my resolution to hold me to all of my resolutions. To not just say I want to do better, or say I want to do something but to actually follow through. I learned a saying from my Tech. Comm. teacher my senior year of highschool which hits this right on, "The road to hell is paved w/ good intentions." Aka, you aren't going to get anywhere good or do any good by saying you want to do good but not following through. So true.

I don't have much more for tonight, Erik and I have had a great couple of weeks. We had a fun trip to Bismarck last weekend for some last minute Christmas shopping w/ my sister, Chelsey, Jesse and Jesse's brother Chad. It was a really great time! We had a really great Christmas w/ my family. Christmas Eve we were w/ my parents and little sister. Today my dad's brother, his wife and their son my cousin Mike were here, they're always a good time. Love you family. We missed Erik's family. This was Erik's first Christmas here w/ my family, last year spending Christmas away from my family was hard. I know Erik feels very at home here but that doesn't stop you from missing your own family on the holidays.

Growing up is my least favorite.

One more thought. I knew I had something I wanted to share. Erik and I really rock at not getting along. Not always. Sometimes we just don't like each other, mostly because we misunderstand each other. Either way, I just wanted to share a little about where we're at because sometimes when you're struggling it's nice to know someone else understands, or has been there and made it through. (Not that Erik and I are having doubts about each other, so if you're getting the wrong impression please stray away from that thought.) Erik and I both have a strong desire to be good to and for each other. We want what's best for each other. If we were treating each other badly or had negative intentions, I would not suggest compromise to you. But really, truly Erik and I have it great. We've been blessed w/ each other. We really want good for each other. Which I know is a struggle to find. Where he has weakness, I have strength and where I'm lacking he picks up the slack. We have so many differences from the way we were raised, the places we've come from to the foods we like and the shows we watch. We're different in a million different ways and sometimes it's really tough for us. Where I think we should jump, Erik reminds me we should be patient. Vice versa and ect. We have so many differences but what really attracted me to Erik, making him different in my eyes was that our priorities are in the same place. God comes number one for us, the people in our lives matter so much to us. Family is so important. Friends are family. When it comes to the things that really matter we're in step. We're a great team. We have so many personality differences, but I do not think that is a bad thing. I think it keeps things very interesting for us, we're continuously learning more about each other.

Bed time dudes. Love you. Have a very merry Christmas, and if you don't hear from us before, the most blessed New Year!

Sweet dreams! Erik and Kate.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fight Like a Girl.

The mother of a great friend of ours is fighting breast cancer and will be starting her second stage of chemo in a couple of weeks. The great Bayne couple, Canada and Adam are planning fundraising to help w/ medical expenses. They are selling shirts w/ the above picture. Women's shirts are pink shirts with black logo (as pictured). Men's shirts are black shirts w/ pink logo. Shirts are $15 each. If you're in their (Idaho) area you can order from Canada or Adam Bayne via facebook, email: or cell: 2089418087. If you're closer to Erik and I we will be ordering shirts, let us know if you're interested and we can get them shipped w/ ours. You can get ahold of either of us w/ sizes and money. Please contact us w/ fundraising ideas as well. (:

LOVE YOU. God Bless. (:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


SO every three months I have to take pills for ten days. I start taking them on the 27th. Normally I have a reminder on my phone on the 20th to go pick up my pills so I have them by the 27th. I also put reminders in my phones on when I'm really for new contacts (every two months). I love new contacts so much so normally when my two months is up I wait until these ones feel like they're ready to go and then I switch them out for new ones.

Either way. As you either know or don't know, ha, I've been having phone issues lately. I finally have a new working phone so the other day when I lost a contact I put in a new pair and marked two months from the date in my phone. I decided it would also be a good time to figure out the last time I had my pills and put that in my phone as well. It happens to be the end of this month that I'm scheduled to take them again. So I go to the 20th on my phone and make a new appointment for that day. I always shorten the wording up and this one ended up saying:

Get Pills. Take 27.

As in, get the pills today and take them on the 27th. Buuut. I realized if for some reason anyone else would happen to see that it probably would be misinterpreted. Bahahaha. So. I changed it in advance to say something to the effect of Get pills take on 27th.

I just wanted to share my laugh with you. I hope you're having the best week.

Today I was a second grade teacher. Fun. Tomorrow is my last day off before Christmas vaca, I'm going to Williston to have a waffle/study/destressCaliannbeforefinals party w/ my WSC Massage Family. Yayy! Thursday I start work as the high school spanish teacher maybe I should say profe de espanol. ;) Either way, I'm starting my countdown to December 22nd at 1pm now. (:

Love you. God bless.
Kate. (:

Monday, December 6, 2010

Our weekend.

We had such a good weekend. (:

Erik had to work Saturday, bleh. So I spent the day doing laundry/cleaning up our room as it was a disaster from us coming home from Idaho. Ha. Saturday evening we had a date w/ our friends Bryan and Jen and their children. Bryan used to work w/ Erik and Nabors. They invited us over for dinner, delicious lasanga! Oooh, and bread! I loved the breah. (: Ha. The pregnancy pact was on lifetime which of course Jen and I enjoyed. Their kids are so beautiful and so much fun.

I was so, so proud of Jen. Our last date w/ them we went to Williston for a movie and we'd tried convincing the men we should see Eclipse, which of course didn't fly. But as we were on our way to their home on Saturday Erik says "Katie, Jen tricked us!" I'm confused and ask what he's talking about and he goes on to tell me that she had just text him and informed him that she rented Eclipse but that we didn't have to watch it if we didn't want to. Bahahaha. Girl power! I was SO impressed w/ her. (: Either way. We had a great night enjoying food and enjoying their family. We love them so much. If you catch this Reuters, we'd like to date you again soon.

Sunday we tried out a new church in Glendive. Erik and I haven't found a church that feels like home to us yet. We've been to various churches in Sidney and Williston and just haven't found one that's caught us yet. It would be SO nice to find a church that we really fit at. To have a solid stable church family and to start making new friends. Erik has been working w/ a Nabors crew from Glendive a lot lately and has become friends w/ a guy on the crew, Jesse. Jess is a blessing. A true answer to my prayers. Jesse is seriously a God send. The oil field is such a dark place. I mean that in no offense to anyone that's a part of it. It's a solid job but it is by no means a Christian environment which is really hard for me and really hard on Erik. Since working w/ this crew from Glendive Erik's been coming home a different person and nights, in such a better mood. This past week Erik found out Jesse's taking online classes and considering studying ministry. So exciting!

I once had a conversation w/ someone important to me who explained that in their work environment there aren't other Christians and that when she goes to work everyday she has to be Jesus for the people she works with. That these other people don't know our Savior and that it was important for her to be different and display her faith, to pray and care for these non-believers. I feel like Jesse and Erik are so much in that position. I'm so glad and so thankful they've found each other.

Either way. Erik explained to his new friends Jesse our church situation and Jesse invited us to go to church and chinese w/ him and his family. We went Sunday morning to the Glendive Aliance Church and will be going back for our second interview (joking) next Sunday. We spent the best Sunday w/ them. Getting to know Jesse, his wife Chelsea (sp?) and their daughter Taylor (again, sp?) (eek). We enjoyed the church everyone was so friendly, so welcoming and cared so much about meeting us! I love friendly people. Jesse and Chelsea have such a great story to share about how God has rocked their worlds, really shaken things up and set them down on their feet pointed in the right direction. God's really changed who they are in the best way and it's such a blessing to now have them as a part of who we are.

I also wore skinny jeans for the first time. Ever. Yesterday. Ha. Just saying.

I need to peace out. I'll have my list of New Year's Resolutions to post soon. (:
Love you.
God Bless.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Glamor and Dishonesty.


I have a million thoughts buzzing around my head. I can't seem to focus on one long enough to blog about it so this post may end up quite congested.

I really feel like I need to take some time and prioritize myself. I feel like I waste too much time on things of unimportance and I don't focus enough on things that really matter to me. It's been leaving me feeling very bland lately. Like I'm not making the difference that I should be. I think I need to work on a list of what matters number one to what matters the least and spend the most time on things on the top of the list and less time on things closer to the bottom (i.e. facebook!). Seriously, sometimes I suck.

Now. What is being a Christian? So many people get stuck on the building and the clothing. But it's so much more. It's more than Sunday mornings. Being a Christian is about having a true, loving relationship with Christ and about spreading and sharing that love. It doesn't have to be going door-to-door to share your beliefs. You don't have to press what you think onto others. It's about living differently. Above the influence, so to speak. It's about doing what's Godly, people will see the difference in you wether you speak to them about Jesus or not. Also. People that do not know Christ will judge Him by the way Christians live. If as a Christian you're being judgemental or unkind to people that do not know Jesus, they will think that He (or everyone that believes in Him) is judgemental/unkind. I helped out w/ a youth group while I was in college and the youth pastor there repeatedly told us two of the most important things we can do as Christians are to love and be real. I couldn't agree more. In life those are two of the most important choices you can make, to love and be real.

I am a huge, huge One Tree Hill fan. My first year of college at Williston, one snowing weekend I started watching Janelle's first season of One Tree Hill and my other Janelle and I spent the rest of the weekend finishing it and soon had the rest of our roommates obsessed. We each bought a season so we could watch them together and would spend days skipping classes and watching episode after episode of OTH. Well. I finally convinced Erik to start watching from season one w/ me and we're now in the third season. The episode we watched last night was about, long story short a bullied high school student bringing a gun to school. Mostly my point from this is that I don't think we realize how much our kindness/unkindness effects others. People really know how to be cruel and it's so sad. I've been working at the middle school this week and they did a poll: 49% of middle schoolers at Sidney Middle School feel bullied at school. There were a lot of other %'s that ended up so sadly high like them feeling uncared about etc. It's so sad. Do you remember that? I was talking w/ other teachers today about those polls and reminicing on what it was like to be in middle school and getting made fun of for what you wore? And anything else the cruel kids would come up w/? Awful. Two things you will not find here: glamor and dishonesty. I'm very about being real and being loving. But I do not believe this life is glamorous. Beautiful yes. Heartbreaking yes. There are so many adjectives to descripe this life. Good and bad. But in honest real life there isn't glam. Sweat yes. Tears yes. Joy yes. I will not try and portray our lives as anything less real than they are. I am a complete optimist so, yes you will more than likely see the positive side of situations but if something sucks it is what it is. I won't try and glam up anything, that isn't. But. I love. I love everyone and everything. I see the best in everyone and every situation.

I'd also like to give a quick shot out to one of my middle school students. Raymond Jolley. If you're reading this one, you're great and you deserve to hear it. Every time I sub at the middle school Raymond has something to ask me that follows up on the last time I was there. Example. The first time I subbed w/ him was while I was coaching cross country and before I had taken my national boards exam. The next time I was there he was asking me how I did on the test and how cross country was. When I was there today he was asking me if I was working at a salon yet and asking questions about Erik because he'd read our blog. He even called Erik by name. Raymond if you're reading this, really you're one of the most considerate people I know. You're so great! I love trying to remember details about people so I can try and bring it up the next time I'm w/ them. I just think it's so kind/considerate and it feels so great when some one takes the time to follow up w/ you and show you they care. Thank you for that! Like Canada and Adam checking in today to ask if I was excited for Grey's. You are such fabulous people.

Since my last post we traveled the 900 miles to Idaho for Thanksgiving, which as Erik said took us so much longer than it should have. We really had the best week w/ Erik's family and our friends. Erik's sister-in-law Amber had a baby shower before we arrived that went we were informed went SO well. (: Later in the week Amber let me look through all of the gifts they recieved. Josh and Amber are so blessed. They recieved so many wonderful gifts! While we were going through gifts I was asking Amber what they had decided on for a name. Lilly Alyssabeth Blair. (They're not 100% sure on the spelling yet). But I think it is the most perfect, perfect name. I've really always loved the name Lilly, it's one of my nicknames for my sister so that may be why I'm so found of it, but it's really so sweet. Amber's older sister's name is Alyssa and Josh and Erik's younger sister's name is Bethany so the middle name is a combo of their sister's names which I think couldn't be more perfect. So great. We also had a little chat about the way relationships have been changing between my friends and myself, w/ us growing up at different rates and having different priorities. To you friends that have completely different lives that me, but we still know how to love each other anyway, I truly appreciate you. But Amber's respones was something to the effect of, just wait until you get married. (: Ha. Really it's so great when you can relate to other people, like they're going through or have been through what you're going through or have been through. It's so nice.

We really had a great trip! We got to see so many wonderful people that matter so much to us! Erik's family. Grandparents, Nancy and Jarvis, parents, Micki and Greg and siblings, Josh, Amber and Bethany. Our friends, Kara and daughter Alyssa (unfortunately no Tanner), Canada and daugheters Addysin and Paysley (unfortunately no Adam), Clint, Ashley and Devin. And all of the great members of Erik's grandparent's church. To everyone else that we didn't get to see, we would have loved to and I'm terribly sorry it didn't work out for us this time around.

I love spending time w/ Erik's family. They matter so much to Erik which I think is a really huge thing and we always have so much fun when we're there. I'm not the best traveler but I always feel right at home in their home. They've always been so welcoming. Spending time w/ Erik's sister and his sister-in-law has always been a scarey thing for me, it's like being in middle school all over again, feeling insecure and not knowing what to expect. Girls are so much harder to get than boys! Ha. But I love getting to know them. I love spending time w/ Bethany and hearing about her relationships. It helps me so much to understand my relationship w/ Erik. They're so much alike. I feel like every arguement Erik and I have Bethany has as well in her relationships, and hearing it from her perspective, from a girl point of view helps me to understand so much more what Erik is feeling. I love the coffee dates I have w/ Amber and Micki when we have girl days together. We always have the deepest convos and I learn so much from the both of them and their relationships. I love that. Erik and I really blessed w/ the greatest examples. Erik's brother Josh is a really great man w/ a great begining to a beautiful family.

I have so much more to share but this is too long to begin w/ and GREY'S ANATOMY JUST STARTED.

Pasta. God Bless. LOVE. Kate. (:

"Love the ones that let you love them and treat the rest the best you can!"
--Clint Smith

"If you judge people, you have no time to love them"
--Mother Teresa

Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.
--James 1:19