Tuesday, March 8, 2011

FAT Tuesday.

Happy FAT Tuesday All! (:

Fun fact: The colors for Mardi Gras (Mardi Gras means Fat Tuesday in French) were chosen in 1837. Purple signified justice, green stood for faith, and gold represented power.

The long story short version of all of this, in case you're unaware (if you are skip this paragraph). Everyone eats all of their fats on Fat Tuesday so they're prepared to start fasting on Ash Wednesday. And spend the next 40 days until Easter fasting. If you're interested and want to go into more detail seriously check out this website, because it has it all: I like the way this web site describes Lent as a season of simplicity. Spring cleaning your relationship, a time for taking spiritual inventory.

I recently heard a quote that made me giggle: Fasting w/o prayer is just a diet.

It's true though, right? That's what this is all about. Giving up something that is hard for you to sacrifice for your Savior that sacrificed for you, so that you can spend that time w/ him. To work on the growth of your relationship w/ Christ. [Sorry to be all blah, blah, blah Jesus on this one.]

Either way. For us, Fat Tuesday means Lent starts..that's right, you guessed it..tomorrow! Are you ready? Please, please take up this 40 day challenge. We dare you! (: Join us. What could be the harm in trying it out? If you aren't into the idea of depriving yourself of something for a cause you're not really sure about, we'd like to challenge you for the next 40 days to once a day say a serious prayer. It really doesn't have to be complex by any nature. Just sacrifice the time once each day to pray and see where it gets you. We'd love to hear.

We're going to take the next 40 days to simplify ourselves and see what it is that's distracting us from our relationships w/ Jesus.

Erik is giving up: all sweets and caffeine.
Katie is giving up: candy, internet and cutting back on tv time.

That means friends, I am leaving you in Erik's hands for the next FORTY DAYS. Please get a hold of me if he isn't taking care of you, or being nice to you. I'll miss you all SO much. I love you loads.

Good luck friends. God bless.
Happy Fat Tuesday! Katie & Erik!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Have the best today!

So stop waiting until you finish school,
until you go back to school,
until you lose ten pounds,
until your kids leave the house,
until you retire,
until Friday night,
until Sunday morning,
until your car or home is paid off,
until spring,
until summer,
until fall,
until winter,
until you die,
until ___________ (fill in the blank),
to decide that there is no better time than right now to be happy.

God bless. We love you!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We don't have much to call our own. Welcome to the little piece we call home.

SO. We officially suck. (:
Sorry we haven't stopped by in so long.

We painted our room a million years ago. Okay. More like a million months ago. Last fall. Aand I have yet to share the pictures. So, bare w/ me as I attempt to upload photos.

It's a little on the messy side, but I'd say it's just lived in.