Monday, October 17, 2011


As promised here is my do-it-yourself-no-sew-tutu-tutorial. As per usual, it took longer than expected for me to get to this post. BUT, here it is. (: If there's any confusion or if there are any questions, let me know. P.S. Bare with me as this is my FIRST tutorial (and my first tutu)!

I used approximately 75 yards of tule, but it will all depend on the size and length of your tutu.
Embroidery Floss
You'll need one, what are they called (?) package of emroidery floss I used the same color as my tule, up to you!
1 yard of ribbon, I used white on my orange tutu, you could use any color.
Miscellaneous Item
To wrap tule around, two times the length you want the tutu. This will make more sense when you see the pictures.
Something Stable
To tie the end of the tutu to while you're working i.e. I used a chair.

Here we go. Seriously so simple. (:
To start I used this site (because I was clueless) to determine the length and waist size I wanted:

Decide what size and length you want your tutu. I found the above site to be helpful because it gives you examples of where the tutu will fit on your age child.

1. Cut the strips of tule TWO TIMES the length you want your tutu to be.

I decided I wanted my tutu to be 13 inches in length which means I would need to cut my tule 26 inches in length. I found my kleenex box (miscellaneous item to wrap tule around) was the perfect size. My friend Theresa, when showing me how to do this, used a ruler and a baking pan. Whatever is the right size for you. Also the picture shows you I alternated between orange tule and glittery orange tule, those are the different colors. WARNING. If you use glittery tule you are going to get glitter EVERYWHERE. Promise.

Start wrapping the tule around your miscellaneous item ;) I started the tule at the end of the box, that is the same end I will stop on and the same end I will cut on, so everything is cut at the same place.

If you don't use all of the tule (or if you do and it doesn't end in the right place) cut at the same place you started wrapping from.

Completely wrapped this is what it looked like and then you cut straight across the bottom. If you want to measure and cut each piece of tule individually, be my guest. (: But this is easy, quick and they all end up the same length.

2. Attach ribbon to end of embroidery floss.

Cut your ribbon in half so you have half for the begining and half for the end of the tutu. All of my videos I was holding the camera with one hand and trying to tie with the other, ha. SO. If I had trouble, that's why, but I think you catch the drift. You're going to use all of the embroidery floss, so unroll all of it then fold it in half. Attach the ribbon to the middle point. Tie like the video, then pull tight!

*I had trouble with my embroidery floss breaking, Theresa has made many tutus has never had that happen to her. It could have been I was tying tighter, or I bought mine from our small town craft store, maybe it was older so more brittle? I'm not sure, so if I were to make this again just to be safe I think I would double up on the embroidery floss OR at the very end sew a straight stitch all the way down the tutu with my sewing machine. I don't know if this is a problem you'll have or not but I would reccomend doubling the embroidery floss so your tutu's more durable.

Then tie the ribbon to your stable object. (: Obviously in the picture I have already started with the tule, at this point you won't have that.

3. Start tying on the tule!

It's important that you pick one side of your floss to keep straight and the other side to tie with. They will be long and tangle easily so the one I kept straight I just laid straight out and the side I planned to tie with I wrapped around something so I wouldn't have a big mess. I used one of the ends off of the tube my tule came on. You could use anything.

Here comes the main part of the project. Repeat this step, forever. ;) You're going to take a piece of your tule (again I alternated between to colors, so you can see on the floor in the background I have my two piles side by side) fold the tule in half AROUND the side of the floss you're going to keep STRAIGHT.

Slide the piece of tule all the way up to the top of the floss.

Cross over the straight floss with the tying floss. (I hope this is making sense.)

Bring the end of the tying floss under the straight floss and up through the hole in the middle. Pull tight. (: This really is simple, I wish I had a more simple way to explain it, all you're doing is tying a knot.

Here's a video of that, again, one-handed.

After you repeat this a lot, it's going to look like this. (:

Continue until the tutu is the length you want.

4. Attack ribbon to end.

I attached the end ribbon exactly like I was doing the tule. Folded it in half over the straight floss and tied it on with the tie side of the floss. To secure it I tied quite a few more knots there, I cut the extra floss off and then tied the white ribbon once in a knot to finish the tutu!

5. Dance. Twirl. Enjoy.

Yayy! You did it. Seriously so simple. Then to wear the tutu, you tie the white ribbons to each other in a bow like pictured below, which also allows you to adjust the size as needed. (:

Again. If you have any questions get in touch with me. I don't think I missed anything and (Erik's sister-in-law) Amber was SO excited about Lily's new tutu. If I get a picture I'll be sure to share.

A quick catch up. I made it through Homecoming week. We had the BEST weekend with Erik's family. It's always so good to spend time with them. My team ran AWESOME at divisionals and we leave for our state meet this THURSDAY! As of yesterday Erik and I have been together (dating) for TWO YEARS. Crazy. We really have a sweet life together.


Monday, October 3, 2011

This Week.

This week's a busy one. I am not, not a public speaking fan. Repeat, not. This week is Sidney's Homecoming so as Cross Country coach I have to THREE TIMES. Three times in one week. So. If I make it through with out dying of anxiety, Erik's parents are coming to spend the weekend with us. We're SO excited for the weekend, we can't wait to spend time with Greg and Micki. We always love going to Idaho and love spending time with Erik's family and this is the first time they're coming to stay with us. We're thrilled! Buuuut, first we have to make it through the week. Bleh. Our time with them couldn't come at a more perfect time. It will be so nice to have them here. After the stress of SHS's Homecoming and the work put into prepping for company, it will be so great to just have a fun weekend!

SO. I just wanted to drop in and prep you. I'm making Erik's niece Lily a game day tutu. We bought her the CUTEST Boise State jersey and I've been working on the most fabulous orange tutu (ahh, I die) to go with it. SO CUTE. Either way. I plan to finish that this week, and get a post up about it and the how to's of DIY tutu making for a friend who's interested in making them for her wedding. I'm going to have to put our home updates on hold a little longer. (:

We love you. Wish me luck with the week! Bleh. So thankful I have the BEST weekend to look forward to. (: What's going on in your week?