Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving, and a BLUE heart

he guys, i'm kinda new at this, but katie told me that it was my turn to write on our blog next, so this will be my sad first attempt at doing so, so bear with me.

thanksgiving was good, but awkward. it all started when we left sidney at 430 am the saturday before thanksgiving, and it just so happened that it was snowing...well, the snow didn't stop until we reached idaho falls, which we were completely relieved about, only to find that the freeway (interstate) was iced over, and made for an even longer trip to nampa. all in all, the trip which should have only taken 14 hours turned into the longest and slowest 18 hours of our lives.

my family doesn't make many attempts to get to know katie, and i know that it bothers her, though she would never mention it to anyone...ok, she mentioned it to me, but that's different...anyway, katie loves and cares about anyone and everyone. she is so involved in others lives whether they like it or not, and wants nothing more than for everyone to be happy...i just feel that others don't really take time to get to know her, and really find what she has to offer. which is completely unfair. she has a great heart, and is so amazing...i just wish my family would take the time to notice is all.

we spent time with some good friends, and enjoyed the company of those around us. shopped a little, bought a new gun, got katie some real sun glasses that she claims she will never wear, and handed out christmas presents early to my family since we won't see them on christmas.

all in all, it was a good trip. fast, but good none the less.

we got home last night, friday, just in time to watch the boise state football game. i must say, i was praying and praying that God would just let them win, but kept getting a feeling that their time had come. as much as i want to blame kyle brotzman, i must say, that it was in God's plan for them to lose, and have come to the realization that we can't win them all. colin kapernick was amazing last night as well as the rest of the nevada squad. as much as i hate to admit it, they deserved to win last night.

my hat is off to them.

and now, it's time for me to go shower so we can go meet up with some friends tonight.

i'll do better at this next time.

erik and katie

Friday, November 19, 2010

Last pre-Idaho sleep. Last pre-Idaho blog.


I don't so much feel up to blogging this evening but I won't have another chance to post pre-Thanksgiving. I found out tonight someone very special to me passed away yesterday. Betty Fowler, 86 of Fargo. Betty was a dear friend of mine. When I went to cosmetology school so many older ladies came into Josef's (our school) to get their hair done in a shampoo set once a week. Betty was my lady. I really loved her. She'd come once a week every week and chat my ear off about her fabulous family and boast about her deceased husband. When I started school Betty was coming to see a girl ahead of me in school her name was Lana. Lana was really great and I really miss her. When I started school I started attending a Methodist church on Sundays which was just a few blocks north of my apartment, which happened to be the same church Betty went to. Betty would come to visit Lana once a week I would spend that hour visiting with them. When it was time for Lana to pass Betty onto a new girl, I was that girl. Lana spent my first couple weeks w/ Betty showing me how she liked her hair done, which side to part her hair on, which direction to roll the rollers in the front/back/sides, which drier she sat at, how long it took her to dry, how she liked her coffee, how to comb her hair out and very importantly how much back combing and hairspray to use. We took good care of our ladies. Betty was my "lady" and I was her "girl". I was blessed with getting to spend that one hour once a week with her. She always had so much to share about her new grandchildren, old stories about her friends (ironically enough) from Sidney, MT, the hockey her family enjoyed and the card games she played once a week.

Betty was very dedicated to Josef's. Joe was an old friend of hers and she enjoyed getting to see him when they happened to be at the school at the same time. Betty was always sure to ask about his wife, who was ill and has since passed away as well. Betty was so strong willed and had a hard time when she could no longer drive herself to her weekly appointments, but her son was so great about giving her rides. She would bring her phone book every week and have me call him at the end of every appointment to come get her. She would tip me one dollar every week as well. Betty would come in every Friday unless if she had plans with her family or a hockey game to attend, then we would move her appointment to earlier in the week. When I was going to school Betty had health problems and ended up in Bethany Retirement Living from where she would ride the senior ride bus to and from Josef's. This only lasted a short while until Betty was ready to go it on her own again and moved back home to her house in north Fargo.

After I graduated school I had a ten day summer vacation before starting school again at Williston State College, moving me six hours from Fargo. I wasn't a fan of Fargo, it wasn't my favorite year so it wasn't hard for me to leave but I did have to say good bye to so many people I'd fallen in love with. Every trip I made back to Fargo to visit friends I always made sure to get in touch with Betty and see her while I was in town. We would go to church, and I would do lunch with her and friends. She moved into Bethany a second time, permanently and I would visit her there at her new home when I made it town. I loved our short phone chats, I'd normally catch her watching hockey. I was added to Betty's Christmas card list which meant the world to me. Betty really cared for and meant so much to me.

We had chatted more than once about Erik on the phone, she'd always ask how that boy of mine was and ask if I was being nice to him. She'd always tell me to say hi for her and she'd always tell me he sounded like a keeper so I needed to take care of him. We moved my sister to Fargo in August for her to start college at NDSU. Erik wasn't able to come because of work so Erik and I went back for Labor day weekend to visit. I'm so happy while we were there to visit Julia, we went to visit my Betty. I'm so glad I got to know her and the people who mattered to her through her stories and pictures. She was always showing off her "greats" and the sweater she received as a gift with all of the great-grand children's names embroidered into it. I'm so glad she got to know some of the people that matter so much to me as well. Betty really had become family to me. She talked so much about her late husband whose nickname was Red. She would always have stories for me about him and was so proud of the hockey arena in Fargo dedicated to him. Once Sidney's hockey team came to Fargo for a tournament and played in his arena. I was so excited to see the story of Red engraved on the wall and to be able to see my Betty the next week and share with her. I loved Betty Fowler and I have no doubts that she's in a beautiful, peaceful. Possibly enjoying a game of hockey with Red by her side.

I know my pre-Thanksgiving blog should be full of excitement for the next week with family and thankfulness for all of the blessings I've received, but I feel blogged out this evening. I love you all so much and I hope you're blessed with so much to be thankful for this holiday season.

God Bless. Happy Thanksgiving. Katie. Erik too. (:

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I love Thursday. Love. Actually, that's dishonest. I don't actually appreciate Thursday at all. Friday-Eve, okay, I can dig that. But more importantly the first thing to come out of my mouth on a Thursday morning is, "GREY's ANATOMY." I love, love, love it. Most days Erik will leave for work and he's lucky to get a "love you" from me before he walks out the door but on the average Thursday morning I'm popping straight up in bed shouting "Are you so excited for Grey's Anatomy?" at him before he can say good morning. Then comes his response of eye rolling. For this reason Thursday is my favorite day of the week. I look forward to Grey's Anatomy. If I happen to be traveling (in the car) while it's on, I'm devistated. If I have to miss an episode I'm watching it online the next morning while I'm eating breakfast and brushing my teeth. I love it. When I do get to watch Grey's Anatomy it is the only time all week that I will sit with in two feet of the tv and ignore everything else that is going on. I love it.

I am not a big television person. I am a fan of Grey's Anatomy, in case you didn't catch that from paragraph one, One Tree Hill and Hannah Montana. Love. I currently switched from Verizon to Sprint which has been a struggle for me. My phone is smarter than I am. Really. It's complex. Everything is new and confusing, but I found last night that I can watch Disney Channel (on Sprint TV) from my phone. Does is get greater than that? This morning as I applied my makeup I got to watch an episode of Hannah MT on my cell phone! Amazing. Honestly, I will always be a big five year old. I promise.

Erik is a fan of The Biggest Loser. And football. Actually, saying he is a fan of football is misleading. Erik is a Boise State University fan. Erik loves his Broncos, "his boys." Those are his tv days. Tuesday and Gameday. Your weeks calander may start with Sunday, (followed by Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday) but ours goes something like: Day, Day, Fat people, Day, Grey's Anatomy, Gameday, etc. Haha. I feel like I'm making us out to be television obsessed. We're not. More like event prioritized? If something is going on that matter's to us, that's how we title our days. Fair? (:


You know how when you're trying to tell a story and realize it won't make sense unless you tell about another previous event and another. I feel that way here. Like I have so many things to say it's hard for me to focus on one subject so I'm going to cut myself off here for today. Have the best _____day. Please fill in the blank with whatever it is for you today. (:

God Bless. Love you. Katie. (:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fall into me.

Welcome. (:

Good morning. It's early. Erik always leaves when it's early. I'm always cheerful when it's early. I'm a morning person and Erik works for the big black pague some people call the oil field. Joking. Kind of. Ha. Most days I go back to sleep when Erik leaves for work and wake up again later on my own time. There isn't ever a normal time for him to get up it's between 3am and 6am on a daily basis. Today it was in the 5's closer to 6, so I stayed awake.

Today I need to pack and clean our room. Because. (: We are leaving for Nampa, Idaho to visit Erik's family for Thanksgiving! And my little sister will be coming home to sleep in our bed. This room, which is now inhabited by Erik and I is in the basement of my parents house. So once upon a time, it was my room. Then my sister's room. Now it's our room. Since my Julia moved out and Erik and I moved in we've painted and made it our own and next week will be the first time my sister comes home to see it since she moved away for college. SO excited. I'm excited for my sister see our room and excited to come home from Idaho and see my sister! (: She is my best friend in the whole world. Ever. Her and Erik click like brother and sister, meaning they argue like cats and dogs, intentionally annoy each other, make each other angry and love each other like family. Which is huge.

Erik and I are well aware of the fact that living together in my parent's basement is classy. Ha. It's really what's best for us right now. We pay rent, do our own laundry, that sort of thing. We take care of ourselves like the big kids we are, we just live here for now. Renting any where that there's oil is really unrealistic. 2 bedroom apartments for 1,100 dollars a month. No thanks. It isn't worth it. I just finished college in May and we don't really know if Sidney is the place for us, so it isn't worth it to put money into buying a house if we aren't sure/ready for that. So for now this is where we are. Katie Haase. Erik Blair. Living in my parent's basement. (: Ha. No, we are not married. I know, a big no-no on living together. But again, this is what works and what's best for us right now. We don't feel like everyone has to approve of our decisions for them to be right for us and our living together is for sure one of those things. Erik and I both have very deep relationships with our savior Jesus Christ. Our beliefs come number one for us and because of that we've agreed with each other not to have sex until we are married. It's something that really matters to us. So we don't feel like that condones that fact that we live together but we don't feel like it's awful that we do.

Now that it is the fall of 2010 Erik is 24. Erik graduated from Skyview High School in Nampa, Idaho. Erik is a really great soccer player. Erik's younger sister Bethany told me once she felt Erik was not only the smartest, but the most athletic of their siblings. Erik disagreed on the smartest part, put Erik was obviously talented. I don't know the soccer playing side of Erik. I do know that he was offered a lot of money to play soccer for a lot of big deal soccer playing schools and turned them down to stay closer to his family. Erik is very close with his family. Very close with his grandparents. After high school Erik spent some time working for fed-ex, helped to coach soccer for high school, stumbled across the fact that he had a passion for landscaping and ran a landscaping business. Maybe someday he'll tell you his story, I'm sure he's much better (and more modest about himself) than I am. He's pretty impressive. I like to show him off. He worked landscaping until things weren't working out awesome with his business partners. He sold out of his company and Erik and his older brother Josh moved to Canada looking for oil field jobs. I think they were in Canada less than a week before finding jobs in Sidney. Which is where we are now. I am now 21. I graduated from Sidney High School, here in Sidney, Montana. I attended and graduated Josef's School of Hair Design in Fargo, North Dakota and recieved my Cosmetology license and then went on to Williston State College in Williston, North Dakota where I graduated with an AAS in Massage Therapy and passed my NCBTMB which means I'm nationaly certified. I worked a lot of random jobs in my years going to school: soccer coach, fitness center, roi (working w/ people who had developmental disabilities or mental handicaps), gymnastics coach, softball coach, smart style salon, edc (daycare (: ) and after finishing school this fall I've been subbing at the schools while I coached cross country for my high school.

Erik and I met January 2nd 2009. I was home with a roommate from college at a party at her fiance's apartment and Erik was there with her fiance who was Erik's operator from work. We clicked instantly and after my Christmas break had ended I went back to school to tell all of my room mates I had met my future husband. Which was great, ha, until I pushed Erik away and played my independent card. I really wasn't ready for a relationship and I've never been the fling kind of girl. Erik will tell you for the next ten months I played with his head. I will tell you I don't believe that to be true. I was always straight forward with the fact that I wasn't ready for a boyfriend. But there were always feelings between us that kept us from being "just friends".  My friends have always been and always will be very, very important to me. I was enjoying being single and figuring out who I was and I just wasn't ready to commit to anyone. L-o-n-g story short. Begining of October 2009 two friends and I made a crazy, non-stop trip to Idaho and back to tell Erik I had feelings for him. The trip didn't really go in my favor and the next week was pretty miserable but after a Friday night football game on the 16th of October Erik and I started dating and have been since 1 year and 1 month later.

I'm going to quit with this for today. Here's a first, get to know us, get a view into our sweet life blog. I hope you enjoy.

God Bless. Love. Katie.