Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tangled Up In Me.

I'm about to pour my dreams out to you. I hope you're prepared to be supportive, encouraging and honest because I need you. I have real life plans to open a salon. I've been planning and hoping and waiting and stressing and most importantly praying. I've decided I will never be prepared mentally or financially for what I want to do with my life. I'm terrified. I'm ready to start.

Here's my crazy plan. I am going to open a non profit salon.

Ready for more? I'd like to offer all salon/spa services for free will donation.

Here are my thoughts. I first started doing hair because I like making people feel good about themselves. I think that's important and I think it's important for everyone to experience. I don't think people should have that taken away from them because they're unable to afford it. I understand that life can be a tangled mess.

I will collect information about what all of the other salons in town are charging and have the averages posted. I will have to charge for product on any chemical services (color, perm, etc.). But I'd like everything above that to be the clients call. I understand it's possible that people will take advantage of it but I think it's possible that just as many will not. I'd like to provide opportunities for those that can afford it to provide services for others. To help others untangle.

I have so many ideas that I'm not about to ramble about right now. I've been planning this for so long. I'm okay with it seeming ridiculous. I have faith in this.

My first step is to license my business. Before I can do that I have to decide on a name. So here are my two choices.



Tangled Grace [Because not all things start out Amazing.]

Please, vote it up! (:

More soon. Thank you.
Love you.


  1. Cute! Aww, I really hope that this works out for you! Tangled Grace is my vote.

  2. Tangled Grace :) What an amazing idea. God will bless you abundantly through your actions :)