Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I found a quote today that I wanted to share:

Each morning, take time to imagine the person you want to be.
Beautiful, right?

I am understanding of the fact that I am so full of flaws. I think this quote is so inspiring and something I'd like to work on everyday. It changes everything about my day and everything about my life when I start each day spending time with Jesus. Crazy? Honest. We live in this world where we try something once and expect it to change out lives, how unrealistic are we? We give it one shot and then give up. You can change your life one baby step at a time but you aren't always going to notice a change after each baby step. Change takes time and it takes time for us to see change.

Let's try every morning to spend time in our bible. Maybe start one small verse at a time, one chapter at a time, whatever fits into your schedule, maybe just one pray at a time is where you're at. Take time each morning to imagine the person you want to be, what better way to do that than by studying the person we should be striving most to be like?

Dear Jesus, I'd like to say a prayer this morning for everyone whose eyes pass over this post. I pray that you will shake things up for them, that you will change their world. I pray that they choose to dedicate time each morning to you and I pray that they will be patient with the change about to take place and then that they will see the results. We know that you will fill those who hunger for you. Thank you for your promise. Thank you for your forgiveness. I love you. Amen.

Good luck lovers. Please share your goals and results. (:

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